Museum Catalogues

Decadence Now! VISIONS OF EXCESS (Prague, Czech Republic), 2010 Lust and Vice – The 7 Deadly Sins from Durer to Nauman (Bern, Switzerland), 2010 Proof of Life (Bremen, Germany), 2018 Lust for Life and Dance of Death (Krems, Austria), 2010 The Unforgettable Fire 25 Years Torch Gallery (The Netherlands), 2009 Realismus - The Adventure of Reality (Emden, Munich, Rotterdam), 2010 Rockers Island, Olbricht Collection, 2007 Valencia Biennial (Spain), 2005 The Naked Truth (Enschede, Netherlands), 2019 Back to the Figure, Painting of the Present (Munich, Rotterdam), 2006-2007 Nieuwrealisme (The Netherlands), 2010 Hidden Delights (The Netherlands), 2009 Skin: Contemporary Views of the Body (USA), 2003 SupeREAL (Italy), 2003 Creative Imaginings: The Howard A. and Judith Tullman Collection (USA), 2006 Two Faced (United Kingdom), 2007