Press Preview

Scheringa Museum of Realism

Terry Rodgers
Boundaries of Desire / Grenzen van Verlangen
17 May to 13 September 2009

The Sum of Human Knowledge This summer, the Scheringa Museum of Realist Art in Spanbroek will organise the first European museum exhibition solely devoted to the American painter Terry Rodgers (1947). Rodgers, who exhibits his work around the world, is as talented as he is controversial. His very realistic and dynamic figurative pieces depict a world in which the ‘young and beautiful’ occupy a prominent place. However, the wealth, beauty and promiscuity cannot conceal the emptiness of their lives. With twenty large paintings and a number of sketches, the museum will present an overview of Rodgers’ unique oeuvre as it has developed over the past ten years. The artist will attend the opening of the exhibition on Sunday, 17 May at 17:00.

Rodgers depicts his own vision of our times. In his hyper-realistic style and vividly baroque use of colour, he paints portraits of disturbing family relationships and an initially attractive young jet set. However, the initial allure of this luxurious fictional world serves only to veil the artistÂ’s true subject: the tension between desire and loneliness. In his carefully composed fictions - the paintings are not based on actual events, but are purely imaginary - Rodgers presents us with a world in which no one seems to be able to truly have contact with one another. The viewer sees a beauty that is as inviting as it is repugnant, in which the figures exude boredom, loneliness and a yearning for human contact.

"My paintings are large, complex designs that attempt to reflect my sense of the times we are living in and both how richly interesting they are and how difficult it is for most of us to navigate their uncharted waters." (Terry Rodgers)

RodgersÂ’ oeuvre is representative of contemporary realism that has been ascendant since the 1990s. The Scheringa Museum for Realist Art keeps abreast of todayÂ’s international figurative movements, and the manner in which this artist expertly translates his contemporary character studies into oil on canvas fits perfectly into the museumÂ’s exhibition and collection policy. The museum currently has three paintings by Terry Rodgers in its permanent collection.

Exhibition catalogue
A full-colour publication (ca. 112 pages) will accompany the exhibition, with detailed illustrations and descriptions of RodgersÂ’ work. The catalogue will be published by TORCH Books, Amsterdam.

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