NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands), June 3, 2009

Scheringa Museum Exhibits Terry Rodgers

Exhibition Terry Rodgers: Boundaries of Desire

What Torch showed was wow art. 'Wow' because Rodgers' hyper-sensual, ultra-realistic representation of the spoiled and rich environment works as a slap in the face. His technique is so virtuoso, that it seems as if you can touch a hand, stroke a foot, and yes, that bare chest there ... is that one real? His choice of subject is daring, with all those nude going girls and boys. His compositions dumbfound, because they are overlapping by color, glitter, limbs, bodies. On all sides, in short, Rodgers exceeds the rule that prescribes that “in the limit hides the master.”

Lucette ter Borg

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