Terry Rodgers — Dimensions of Ambiguity (Amsterdam), May 2009 Terry Rodgers -The Apotheosis of Pleasure- (The Netherlands), December 2006 Terry Rodgers - Drawings (Amsterdam), May 2009
Vectors of Desire (USA), 2004 Decadence Now! VISIONS OF EXCESS (Prague, Czech Republic), 2010 Lust and Vice – The 7 Deadly Sins from Durer to Nauman (Bern, Switzerland), 2010
Lust for Life and Dance of Death (Krems, Austria), 2010 The Unforgettable Fire 25 Years Torch Gallery (The Netherlands), 2009 Realismus - The Adventure of Reality (Emden, Munich, Rotterdam), 2010
Rockers Island, Olbricht Collection, 2007 Valencia Biennial (Spain), 2005 Back to the Figure, Painting of the Present (Munich, Rotterdam), 2006-2007