Terry Rodgers — Dimensions of Ambiguity (Amsterdam), May 2009

TERRY RODGERS —New Book and Museum Exhibition

On the occasion of Boundaries of Desire, the first European survey exhibition of US realist painter TERRY RODGERS running from May 17 through September 13 at the Scheringa Museum, Spanbroek, the Netherlands, TORCH Books is pleased to announce the release of Dimensions of Ambiguity a new comprehensive full-color catalogue of new works by RODGERS who is emerging as one of the most challenging visual artists working today. In addition to Dimensions of Ambiguity, TORCH Books presents Terry Rodgers—Drawings a limited special edition portfolio (50) with RODGERS’ drawings including one original signed by the artist.

Dimensions of Ambiguity includes more than 50 new works — selected in conjunction with the artist. It is accompanied by ‘The blessing and curse of sex appeal—You just might get what you ask for’, an insightful critical essay by Dr. Eva Karcher, the acclaimed author of Otto Dix, 1891-1969: His life and works (Taschen, 2002). In this piece Dr. Karcher investigates the ambiguities of contemporary desire as portrayed by RODGERS; and provides a thorough art historical background to its iconography and the artist’s working methods. Dimensions of Ambiguity alternates views of Rodgers’ new paintings in their whole with chosen details and close-ups. In this manner the reader is able to appreciate the fragmented and delicate brushwork that underlies Rodger’s grandes machines, which remains invisible to the distant eye.

Terry Rodgers—Drawings is a select portfolio published in a limited edition of 50. It presents a selection of 50 drawings on loose sheets, accompanied by ‘Graphic Delight’, a critical essay by Belgian art critic Catherine Somzé, author of Who’s Afraid of Leni Riefenstahl? (fall 2009). Each portfolio is numbered and includes an original drawing signed by the artist.

Dimensions of Ambiguity is a 112 page hardcover color exhibition catalogue of RODGERS’ new paintings published by TORCH Books, Amsterdam, with the generous support of Galerie Nicola von Senger, Zurich and the Scheringa Museum for Realism, Spanbroek.

The survey exhibition will run from May 17 through September 13 at the Scheringa Museum, Spanbroek, the Netherlands.

The renowned Dutch design studio SMEL ( is responsible for the art direction and design of the book as well as the limited edition drawing portfolio. The photo portrait of Terry Rodgers is courtesy of Wouter Deruytter.
Lithography, printing & binding has been executed by Drukkerij Mart.Spruijt, Amsterdam. Dimensions of Ambiguity is printed on GO silk 150 grs. and Oxford 70 grs.

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The blessing and curse of sex appeal—You just might get what you ask for
by Eva Karcher
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