Artist Statement

My sense of the times we are living in is both how richly interesting they are while at the same time how difficult it is for most of us to navigate their uncharted waters. There is a great push and pull, the lure and the repulsion, the fiction and the real, the known and the unknown. And we live in this swirl of delicate gestures, driving desires, fantasy, economic complexity and interdependence, hierarchical separations, isolation and hope.

One of the things I'm trying to get at is the pure complexity of our world. One aspect of this complexity is the super-mediated nature of our experience. Our notions of fulfillment are derived from various interpretations that are not all our own. Often times, they are false or not within our reach.

The paintings represent an architecture of this isolation and loneliness—a structure made of ideals / fictions that inhabit our minds… a mediated imagery meant to lead to some sort of fulfillment. The paintings create an imaginary world of fine bodies, jewels, couches, beautiful interiors, and wealth all contrasted with a very real sense of isolation and uncertainty.

This profusion of luxurious details and a complex pictorial architecture in combination with frustrated and sublimated desires makes for a curious, static combustion. The paintings are a kaleidoscope of dream worlds within western culture, seen through the body, colliding with loneliness and yet suffused with an infinitely regenerative power. The images may look real. But, of course, they aren't—neither are the constructions that inhabit our thoughts nor the language with which we interpret our world. We might just be subjected to the myth-making machinery of our minds.